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Tomograph MR Scanex
  • 1.5 T MR compact superconducting tomograph

Application fields:

- Traumatology and orthopaedics

- Visualization and diagnostics of extremities

- Shank

- Shank joint

- Foot

- Foot joint

- Ankle

- Wrist

- Hand

- more than 20% of MRT studies can be done with a spesialized tomography


  • Nitrogen continuous flow optical cryostat with external reservoir
Sample in vacuum or gas flow

The optCRYO198 is universal nitrogen continuous flow cryostat with temperature control system and external dewar with N2. Liquid nitrogen continuously flows from a storage dewar into the sample room of the cryostat via gas-generator, forming the vapor flow. The electronuc unit controls the temperature of the N2 vapor and the flow rate.

The system is compact and easy-to use for any kind of optical experiments. The cryostat has two perpendicular optical channels with different spectral bands. In order to change the spectral band the cryostat has to be rotated by 90 degree around its axes.


CryoMagn 5-40-17
  • Cryostat with superconducting magnet up to 17 Tesla at 4.2 K

The cryostat CryoMagn 5-40-17 with superconducting magnet up to 17 T at 4.2 K is a largest device of the CryoMagn family which has largest reservoirs for cryogenic liquids and the highest magnitic field. The applications are the studies of the superconductivity, the quantum Hall effect, magneto-optics and others. The built-in liquid helium level gauge and removable liquid helium transfer line provide the helium level monitoring and filling services.

This model is characterized by complex superconducting solenoid which consists of a number of serially connected sections fitted by the same current from the power supply. The inner sections of solenoid are made of the multifilament wire based on the Nb3Sn superconductor. The outer sections of solenoid are made of the multifilament wire based on the NbTi superconductor. The annealing of the assembled solenoid at 700 °C for about 100 hours improves the mechanical and electrical properties of used materials. The attachable copper or HTSC current leads reduce helium consumption. The resistor/diode protection circuit secures the safety use of the superconducting solenoid. Special circuit secures the “quench” time elongation while the safety valve prevents the generation of excess helium pressure. As an option, we supply a superconducting switch to maintain the superconducting short-cut regime, as well as the electrical power supply for solenoid.


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